Are complex workplace policies and procedures putting your organisation at risk?

Let’s simplify your policies and safeguard your operations

Bridging the gap between compliance and engagement

Writing workplace policies that meet legal requirements and truly speak to your team can feel like trying to force square pegs into round holes.

Caught in a busy cycle of policy updates and revisions it’s easy to lose sight of what the policy is meant to achieve.

The truth is, the deeper you delve into legal speak and corporate lingo, the less effective your policies and procedures become.

You’re left with policies that do little more than take up space.

Left unchecked, this disconnect broadens. The gap between compliance and meaningful support for your staff becomes a chasm.

Now, imagine a change.

Imagine if your team saw themselves in each policy page, recognising that these words are crafted for them, beyond just legal obligations.

Enter Ruth Goonan and Carla Ellerby, your policy transformation duo.

Ruth, a razor-sharp lawyer, ensures your policies meet legal workplace requirements. Her deep dive into the intricacies of law brings a solid foundation to your policy framework.

Carla’s flair for clear and engaging language ensures your policies speak directly to your team. Her expertise turns compliance into connection, making every policy breathe with life and purpose.

Together, we create policies that stand firm on legal grounds and pulse with the heartbeat of your organisation and its people. Let’s make your policies clear, engaging and meaningful to every member of your team.

Can you afford to wait?

The longer your policies stay in the realm of complex legal and corporate jargon, the more you risk compliance lapses and legal claims.

Clear, accessible policies that everyone in your workplace can easily understand set the tone for unity and clarity throughout your organisation.

Let’s transform your policies

Legal precision

Guaranteed compliance with the Fair Work Act and other relevant legislation.

Engaging narratives

Complex jargon transforms into relatable dialogue.

Brand personality

Tailored tone of voice speaks your organisation’s language.

Accessible language

Easy to read content designed to be understood by everyone.

Get the free template

Right to Disconnect Policy

Grab our free, customisable template to help you clarify your employees’ right to disconnect from work communications after hours.

How we transform your policies

Understand your Needs

We meet and get to know your brand, your employees and your needs.

Legal expertise

Ruth dives deep to write or update your policies to meet the latest Australian legal standards.

Internal communication mastery

Carla shapes your policies into accessible content that retains the legal essence while being tailored to your organisation’s brand and values.


Carla and Ruth collaborate to make sure we hit the perfect balance between legal compliance and employee engagement, before sending you the draft for your review.


Carla and Ruth make any final tweaks and polishes following your review.

Continued compliance

[Optional] For extra peace of mind, we keep your policies on file and update them to meet future legislative changes to ensure you remain ever-compliant.

Policies everyone ‘gets’

Clarity is the currency of workplace culture

Imagine if everyone in your team, no matter where they’re from or how much they like to read, could understand and use the guidelines designed to help them.

Imagine a workplace where policies serve as a common language.

Let’s make it happen.

From legalese to layman’s terms

Keeping up with laws and regulations can feel a bit like trying to tame a wild jungle with a pair of garden shears.

Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted, something changes, and bam — you’re back to square one, wrestling with words to keep everything shipshape.

We’re here to tame your jungle into a nice, neat backyard. And you won’t have to choose between being thorough and being understood.

With our dual expertise your policies will get the gold star for both compliance and clarity.

Empower your workplace with clarity and compliance

Who is this service for?

If your organisation wants a happy marriage of compliance with culture, this service is for you.

Our expertise breaks the constraints of traditional policy writing, propelling your workplace into an era of clarity and connection.

Who is this service not for?

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter approach to tick your compliance boxes, we’re not for you.

We write policies that are true to your organisation’s values and voice in a way that everyone can understand. We don’t do generic jargon.

Meet Ruth & Carla

The Batman and Robin of workplace policies

From Carla’s knack for turning corporate waffle into digestible content, to Ruth’s commitment to navigating the intricacies of employment law, our unique partnership offers a gateway to policies that power your organisation’s culture and compliance.

Our collaborative approach is designed to meet your specific needs while ensuring the highest standards of legal compliance and employee engagement.

Trust us to take you from the first draft to the launch of policies that represent your organisational culture.

About Ruth Goonan

Your legal eagle

I’m Ruth Goonan. I’m a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in Employee and Workplace Relations Law.

I gained valuable expertise working in top tier law firm Minter Ellison before going in-house at Australia Post, where my roles included managing their National Policy development and implementation before transitioning to advise on significant organisational changes.

I founded Work Smart Legal Solutions with a focus on straightforward legal advice, developing Policies and Procedures and conducting thorough workplace investigations with a human touch.

My goal is to provide clear, effective workplace relations advice that makes a real difference. I pride myself on making complex matters easier to understand and building effective communication channels at every organisational level.

Meet Carla Ellerby

Your communications go-to

Struggling with policy documents that seem more like relics than helpful resources? Hi, I’m Carla Ellerby, expert in turning complex corporate lingo into clear, compelling communication.

My superpower lies in my ability to speak directly to the heart of any organisation’s workforce. With a background in corporate communication and content writing, I don’t just simplify; I transform policy documents into engaging materials that people actually want to read.

I work with your unique brand voice to ensure policies feel personal and relevant.

I aim to boost employee connection and culture through policies, bridging the gap between being informed and feeling genuinely part of the company’s journey.

Your Investment

Whether you’re taking initial steps towards policy compliance, aiming to bolster employee wellbeing, or seeking a comprehensive transformation of your outdated policies, we have a package designed for you.  

When you consider the cost of inaction could be misinterpretation lawsuits, compliance fines or a disengaged workforce, can you afford not to do this?


One policy, dual expertise.

Ideal for organisations needing to address a specific area of concern or update a foundational policy to meet current legal standards.


Establish or update a key policy


Your choice of a single policy write or rewrite


1 hour discussion and briefing with both Ruth and Carla


Copy for one policy supplied as a Word document (up to 5,000 words)


2 rounds of changes

$2,980 +GST


Boost up four key policies.

A targeted solution to enhance four policies. Designed for businesses on the path to broader engagement and clarity.


Select from one of the policy bundles, or mix and match any four policies for us to write or rewrite


1.5 hour discussion and briefing with Ruth and Carla


Brand and tone discussion or briefing with Carla (possibly with your communications or marketing team)


Copy for four policies supplied as a Word document (up to 5,000 words per policy)


Choose from our popular bundles, or mix and match the four you need


2 rounds of changes

$9,750 +GST


An overhaul for up to 12 policies.

A full-scale policy transformation for businesses looking to instigate widespread positive change and compliance.


Select three of our policy bundles, or mix and match any 12 policies for us to write or rewrite


2 hour discussion and briefing with Ruth and Carla


Brand and tone discussion or briefing with Carla (possibly with your communications or marketing team)


Copy for 12 policies supplied as a Word document (up to 5,000 words per policy)


2 rounds of changes

$29,750 +GST

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch to tell us what you need, and we can give you a quote.

Select from our common policy and procedures bundles

We’ve bundled up the common policies and procedures most Australian businesses need to look after employees and stay compliant.

Legal safeguards bundle

Safeguard your organisation and minimise liability through policies crafted to prevent behaviours that could lead to a hostile work environment and significant legal claims.


Sexual Harassment policy and procedure


Discrimination and equal employment opportunity policy and procedure


Workplace bullying policy and procedure


Preventing a hostile workplace policy and procedure

Wellness and wellbeing bundle

Enhance employee health and morale with a suite designed to promote comprehensive wellness support, covering mental health to substance guidance.


Mental health policy


Health and wellbeing policy


Family and domestic violence support policy and procedure


Drug and alcohol policy and procedure

Workplace behaviour bundle

Define excellence and clarify expectations with policies that outline the gold standard for workplace conduct, from daily interactions to performance milestones.


Code of Conduct (includes common issues like dress code, punctuality, internet use and the use of company property)


Performance management policy and procedure


Disciplinary action policy and procedure


Grievance policy and procedure

Taking leave bundle

Clarify and streamline leave benefits to ensure employees are supported in balancing work with personal and family needs, fostering a caring workplace culture.


Annual leave policy and procedure


Personal leave policy and procedure


Parental and adoption leave policy and procedure


Unpaid leave policy

The modern workplace bundle

Adapt to the modern work landscape with policies that respect personal boundaries and digital engagement, ensuring a positive work-life harmony.


The right to disconnect policy


Working from home policy


Internet and email policy


Social media policy

Protecting your business bundle

Fortify integrity and trust through policies safeguarding sensitive information and encouraging ethical reporting practices.


Privacy policy


Whistleblower policy and procedure


Confidentiality policy


Intellectual property policy

Optional peace of mind package

For an annual fee of $490 per policy we’ll proactively update the policies we’ve written for you with any legislative changes as needed to ensure you stay compliant.

So, are you ready to take the next step?

If you’re pondering whether now is the time to transform your policy approach, ask yourself, if not now, when?

Let’s get started on your engaging, compliant and effortlessly understandable policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our organisation is not based in Australia, can you still help?

Each country has different rules and regulations. The policies we write refer to and are compliant with Australian legal standards. They are therefore suitable for Australian workplaces only.

Will simplifying the language in our policies compromise their legal integrity?

We understand the importance of maintaining legal compliance without sacrificing clarity. Our unique partnership ensures that every policy is rigorously vetted for legal accuracy by Ruth, then transformed into engaging, accessible content by Carla. This dual approach guarantees that your policies remain legally sound while becoming more understandable and relatable for your team.

How can we ensure our revised policies still reflect our company’s unique culture and values?

Our process includes a deep dive into understanding your organisation’s ethos and values. By integrating this insight with our expertise, we tailor each policy to not only meet legal standards but also reflect your company’s unique identity, ensuring that your culture shines through in every word.

Can one service really handle both the legal and engagement aspects effectively?

Absolutely. Ruth brings years of dedicated legal expertise in workplace policies and procedures, while Carla offers a wealth of experience in internal communications and content writing. Their collaborative efforts mean you no longer have to choose between legal accuracy and readability – our service seamlessly delivers both.

What if we only have one policy that needs revising? Can we still work with you?

Yes, our ‘Policy Precision Pack’ is specifically designed for clients looking to update a single policy. This package offers you the full breadth of our expertise focused on making significant improvements to one key policy.

Is it worth investing in updating multiple policies at once?

Investing in our ‘’Build or ‘Beacon’ packages not only provides a more cohesive and consistent policy framework but also maximises the impact on your workplace culture and compliance posture. These packages are designed to offer value and transformation across multiple areas simultaneously.

How long does the process typically take?

The timeframe can vary depending on the selected package and the complexity of your existing policies. However, we strive for efficiency without sacrificing quality, and we’ll provide a detailed timeline at the outset of our partnership.

How do we know this service will actually lead to increased employee engagement with our policies?

Our methodology focuses on making policies more than just documents employees are required to follow. By making them clear, relatable, and reflective of your organisational values, employees naturally feel more connected to and engaged with these guidelines. We aim for policies that employees understand and respect, not just because they have to, but because they see the value in them.

What makes your service unique compared to hiring a traditional policy writer?

Our integrated approach is what sets us apart. Ruth and Carla’s collaboration ensures that every policy is legally compliant and engagingly written, addressing both needs simultaneously for a more effective result.

How do you tailor policies to be accessible for our workforce, especially for those with English as a second language or low literacy levels?

Understanding and accessibility are at the heart of what we do. We recognise the diverse makeup of today’s workforce, including people for whom English might be a second language or who may have varying literacy levels. Our approach involves simplifying complex legal language without losing the essence, using clear, concise, and jargon-free language that is inclusive and easy to understand. We also focus on the structure and presentation of information to enhance readability, such as using bullet points, clear headings, and short paragraphs. Additionally, we can suggest visual aids or summaries where appropriate, ensuring that every employee, regardless of their language proficiency or literacy level, can comprehend and engage with your policies effectively.

Can you design the policies as well as write them?

No, we’re not graphic designers. But we’re happy to put you in touch with someone who could help with this if you like.

Can you supply policies in different languages?

No, we’re only able to provide policies in English. If you need your policies in other languages we suggest you bring on a translation service.

A new era of clarity

Picture this: Your team, once puzzled by policies, now navigates their roles with confidence and understanding.

Policies don’t just live in binders, noticeboards and intranet pages anymore. They’re alive in every action and decision.

You’ve transformed the maze of legalese into clear pathways, making ‘compliance’ synonymous with ‘engagement’ and ‘culture’.

You’ve done more than just update your policies. You’re fostering a vibrant, inclusive workplace where everyone feels informed, valued, and empowered.

Ready to create a workplace where clarity reigns and policies empower?