Internal communications consulting based in Sydney

Engaged people. Better business.

Engage your employees, build a better, stronger business.

Employees who understand what matters to your business and how they play a part are likelier to stick around, do great work, and say nice things about you and your organisation at the family barbeque (and online).

It just makes sense, right?

And yep, it’s crucial to integrate your internal messages with your overall business strategy and external communications.

But the truth is that jargony corporate spin gets fewer hits than my Uncle David’s YouTube channel.

If you want your message to get employee cut-through, speak in human. Heck, maybe even have a bit of fun.

If you need help breathing life into your employee communications, let’s chat.

Are complex workplace policies and procedures putting your organisation at risk?

Let’s simplify your policies and safeguard your operations.

Organisations who prioritise open, engaging employee communication can become employers of choice, retaining loyal people and attracting the brightest sparks.

– Me, 2022

How I can help

I create and implement internal communication plans to guide employees through projects or change. If you’ve already got a plan in place but need help to bring it to life, I’ll roll up my sleeves and craft your content. I’m based in Sydney, but I work with clients from across the world. 

I can help you with:


Internal newsletters


Town hall presentations


Leadership messages


Intranet articles


Change communications


Strategic internal communication plans


Staff events


Brochures and flyers


Communication workshops

And much more!

Communication workshops

Do your people want to learn how to better communicate with their colleagues, leaders and team? I offer bespoke workshops to help teams connect and communicate with impact.