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Cherie Mylordis, a renowned work futurist, speaker, and business transformation coach, approached me to write website copy for her newly launched business, nextgenify.

What started as a one-off project soon expanded into a broader ongoing communications role, where I was brought on as a freelance communications consultant to develop a communications strategy and create content across multiple channels.

After getting to know nextgenify’s services and audience, I delved deep into the audience’s pain points to understand what they were looking for and how Cherie could differentiate herself from her competitors.

I developed comprehensive brand guidelines for nextgenify, including defining the company’s unique selling proposition, vision, brand principles, tone of voice, and key messages. I created customer avatars to help tailor our messaging to the right audience.

Next, I worked on a content strategy and plan. With these solid foundations in place, I continue to help Cherie with compelling words for the website, blog, LinkedIn, presentations, pitches, and brochures.

It’s a pleasure working with Cherie, and it’s wonderful to see her business bloom.

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Even before the pandemic, many people were struggling to reach their full potential at work.

But what if there was a better way?

Meet Cherie Mylordis, a work futurist, thought leader, speaker, business transformation and innovation coach on a mission to show the world a brighter future of work.

Through her coaching, signature programs and speaker appearances, Cherie reveals practical actions so current and emerging leaders can start doing the best work of their lives.

Don’t settle for just keeping your head above water. It’s time to shape a better world of work.

Let Cherie show you how.

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