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Smokeball Australia is a leading legal practice management software provider, helping law firms run their best with innovative solutions.

Smokeball brought me on board to transform the rich content from their annual conference into a series of eBooks. The goal was to deliver valuable insights and key takeaways to their audience, driving website visits, SEO and lead generation.


1. Content creation – I watched the conference sessions, capturing the key points and translating them into engaging easy-to-read eBooks.

2. Value addition – The eBooks were designed to be informative and beneficial whether or not the reader attended the conference, ensuring the conference continued to deliver value well beyond the live event.

3. Lead generation – The eBooks were placed on the Smokeball website, encouraging downloads and adding to their database. This strategy not only drove traffic to the site but also enhanced SEO and generated quality leads.

Smokeball continues to use these eBooks as a key asset in its content marketing strategy, underscoring the power of high-quality, engaging written content.

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