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Cailie Ford

Cailie Ford was ready to take her business to the next level, positioning herself as a top-notch corporate wellness expert and sought-after speaker. But her existing website wasn’t reflecting her business evolution. I was tasked with creating new words to showcase Cailie’s unique skills as a nutritionist and a qualified corporate change practitioner.

I dug deep into the latest trends and best practices in corporate wellness, uncovering the challenges businesses face and how Cailie’s expertise could make a real difference. I researched keywords and phrases to help improve her search engine rankings. I got to know her unique approach and tone of voice.

Next, I crafted words and phrases to highlight Cailie’s expertise and position her as a leader in the field.

The result? A fresh, engaging, and effective website that showcases Cailie’s expertise and connects her with businesses looking to improve employee wellbeing. Just like Cailie’s brand, the tone of the copy is professional and knowledgeable, yet approachable, fun and relatable.

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At Cailie Ford Nutrition, we know focusing on employee wellbeing can revolutionise your business.

Cailie Ford is a clinical nutritionist, wellbeing practitioner and change manager who specialises in helping employees feel energised, motivated and healthy so they can perform at their peak.

Combining nutritional expertise with behavioural change practices, we create long-lasting change that enhances health for a lifetime. Our programs focus on the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing and their impact on business performance.

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