Meet my new baby, Composed Communication

by | 12 Oct 2020

After years of procrastination while travelling along the comfortable, well-trodden road… I’m taking a major detour into the unknown.

I’m excited (and kinda petrified) to introduce my new business baby, Composed Communication.

It’s early days and a work in progress, but I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Through Composed Communication I’ll partner with organisations large and small to help them connect with their audiences through meaningful stories and clickable content. I’ll work with businesses to confidently guide their stakeholders through change.

Launching into this during a global pandemic feels somewhat surreal. It also feels right.

From what I’ve seen, 2020 has put the final nail in the coffin for old-school spin and the concept of ‘controlling the message’. Employees, customers, shareholders and even the kid next door (especially the kid next door) have honed their bullshit radars and can see right through the waffle.

Authenticity, trust and transparency are buzz words often bandied about by businesses. But it’s the businesses who are living and breathing those attributes rather than paying them lip service who are connecting with people.

Like people, every business is vulnerable. Every business has room for growth and things they could do better. Every business needs to regularly stop, communicate and listen to the people who matter to them. Those who don’t admit to any of the above are, frankly, dinosaurs.

It’s simple. You are what you do, not what you say you do!

Bring on the era of authenticity, trust, transparency and composed communication.

So you're clear on your target audience, now what?

It’s time to craft communication that engages and converts your niche tribe into happy customers or employees.

I’m a freelance communications consultant and content writer for busy teams. Let’s chat about how I can help you create content that wows.

P.S I reserve the right to wear skinny jeans while I work.

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