Greatest Hits of 2020

by | 1 Dec 2020

I’m not one to dwell on the curveballs which have been lobbed at our heads this year. My ever-eloquent five-year-old said it best during our lockdown/homeschool debacle when she declared, ‘I just wanna kick covid in the nut!’ (yes, just the one, apparently).

But as the shops fill with tinsel and the weekends fill with gloopy palms of sunscreen, I want to reflect on the positives. What are we better at now than we were a year ago? What has thrived, rather than being cancelled or killed off?

And you know what? There are some beauties.

Here are my Greatest Hits of 2020.


  1. Stronger connections. Ironically, it took forcing us to stay apart to bring us together. We’ve used technology to connect more regularly with family, friends and colleagues. We’ve got to know and explore our local communities. We’ve come to appreciate the impact our colleagues, leaders, and workplaces have on our lives.

  2. Better balance. We’ve cut down on our commute and used the time to exercise, call the folks, pick the kids up earlier, or tackle some of the chores usually left for the weekend. Attitudes to remote working have changed as we’ve gained a new perspective and appreciation for everything we used to take for granted.

  3. Increased agility. Many businesses have adapted and reinvented themselves in a year of massive innovation and creative digitisation. Organisations that already had agile practices deeply embedded in their operating models were able to pivot quickly. Many others adopted new ways of working to help them wade through the shifting sands.

  4. Gritty resilience. It’s been a make or break year. The relationships, teams, businesses, and mindsets which have made it through are emerging stronger. Meanwhile, many others are seizing the opportunities of this psychopathic moment in time to pursue brave new business ventures. It’s deadly.

  5. Authentic communication. Say goodbye to stale, scripted, unemotive corporate spin. It was already on the way out, but 2020 drove the final nail in the coffin. Hurrah! Organisations, communicators, and leaders have found new ways to connect with employees and customers with empathy, authenticity, and care.

I hope some of this resonated with you.

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