Friends with some, kind to all

by | 30 Jun 2021

As my 6-year-old jumped out of the car this morning, she turned back to me with the departing words…

‘Remember mum, friends with some, kind to all.’

Then she slammed the door and shuffled off through the school gate. ❤️‍🔥

I’m not sure where I first heard that phrase, but it’s become a bit of a family motto. It’s a simple way for my kids to understand that no, they can’t be friends with everyone at school. But they should be kind to everyone.

I love that my girl said it back to me this morning. It was a good reminder that it’s really a motto for life, not just for the school playground.

I am definitely a kindness work in progress. But over the last year, I’ve been making an effort to notice acts of kindness and be consciously kind to the people around me. 💐

Why? Because practising kindness through kind acts, recognising the efforts of others, and giving authentic compliments breeds happiness, confidence and more positive environments. 🥰

I reckon kindness has the power to improve employee wellbeing and transform workplaces, including remote workplaces.

Is kindness encouraged in your business, industry or workplace❓

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