Authenticity beats perfection

by | 6 Dec 2021

Each week, an email lands in my inbox from my bootcamp trainer. 💪

It’s usually a long, rather waffly message. He goes off on tangents and shares his thoughts on stuff not necessarily related to exercise.

It isn’t perfectly written. I doubt it’s been proofread. It’s a big ol’ block of Times New Roman followed by a few sweaty photos.

But I love it. I read every word. And as I read, I can almost hear him talking. It’s a conversation, and it continues when we meet face-to-face in the park.

I make a living writing words for other people, and yes, I aim for polished prose that suits the business brand and tone of voice.

But nothing connects like an authentic message written or spoken by a passionate, engaging leader. Typos and all. 🌟

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